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Avoid Storm Damage with a Sump Pump in Monee

6/9/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Avoid Storm Damage with a Sump Pump in Monee Sump Pump Replacement SERVPRO Chicago Heights/ Crete/ Beecher

If your home has a wet basement, you’re not alone. The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that more than 60 percent of homes have issues with water in the basement.A sump pump can be an effective option for preventing water damage. Installed in a pit in the basement, these units sense when the water from rain or snow melt is rising in the pit and approaching the floor level. The incoming water is then pumped outside before it can damage the home or its furnishings.Sump pumps are relatively low-maintenance devices, but you can help keep your unit operational by inspecting it regularly. Steps in a regular maintenance program can include:

  • Checking the discharge line to make sure it is not stopped up or frozen. If necessary, unclog the air vent hole in the line.
  • Checking the inlet screen to ensure that it’s not clogged with residue and debris. Do this three or four times per year.
  • Making sure the float component is unobstructed and can move smoothly.
  • Scanning the pit and removing any visible debris, mud, or stones.
  • Testing the pump by slowly pouring a bucket of water into the pit. The float should rise with the water level, triggering the unit to start pumping. If pumping doesn’t begin, check to see that the unit is plugged in. Your float switch or check valve might also be at fault.
  • Going outside to see that water is discharging and flowing where it’s supposed to go – well away from your home.

Once a year, disconnect the pump from the power source and remove the unit. Flush it thoroughly with water to remove impurities and debris. While you have the pump out, also clean debris from the sump pit.  Reinstall the pump and reconnect the power source.  Test the unit by pouring a bucket of water into the pit and making sure the pump starts.If your unit has backup battery power, replace the battery every two to three years, or as directed by the manufacturer.Always refer to your pump’s instruction manual for specific information about maintenance and operation. More information about sump pumps is available from the Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association. If your sump pump does fail Call (708) 672-0077 and a crew from SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/ Crete/ Beecher will come out and dry your basement and all other ares that are wet.  We can also do Sump Pump Replacement if yours goes down.

Summer Fire Safety Tips!

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Summer weather means cookouts, Fourth of July fireworks, and all sorts of campfire fun!

Sure it can be a good time for all our fellow Beecher residents, but it’s also important to ensure that everyone stays safe by observing a few simple fire protection guidelines.

SERVPRO is glad to bring you tips from FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration and the list of five summer fire safety tips:

  1. Keep a bucket of water handy. If an ember floats out of your fire pit, or a log falls down from your bonfire stack and sets nearby foliage, paper, or other flammable materials aflame, you don’t want to be scrambling for a way to put the fire out. Having a bucket of water nearby is a great first response tool to keep a fire under control.

  2. Supervise all fireworks (if fireworks are legal in your state, of course). Sparklers and pinwheels might seem “low risk,” but the reality is that there aren’t any fireworks out there that are safe enough for kids to use without adult supervision. It’s also important to ensure that no one tries to re-light fireworks that don’t work properly the first time. Dump these in a bucket of water and move on to the next package.

  3. Don’t let barbecue grease build up. Whether you’re using a charcoal or a gas grill, it’s important to keep it clean to prevent accidental grease fires caused by all of the gunk that can accumulate on a grill over time.

  4. Inspect the area around your BBQ and campfire. You don’t want to grill or light a campfire anywhere near other flammable materials. This includes deck railings, overhanging branches, dry grass or that pile of dry wood and recycling sitting in the back corner of your yard. If you’re camping, clear out the area immediately around your BBQ or campfire spot to be sure that there’s no scrub or brush nearby that could ignite if a spark lands on it.

  5. When you’re done with the fun, put out the flames. While it might seem romantic to fall asleep in front of a campfire, you really should dump water and/or sand on those embers before catching some shut-eye. The same goes for BBQs – close your propane valve and the unit’s lid, as well as any vents on a charcoal grill once you’re done. Unsupervised BBQs can easily tip over in the wind. A breeze can pick up and carry coals and embers from that campfire, dropping them where they can ignite dry grass, branches, trees or deck planks.


Mold in Commercial Buildings - Chicago Heights, IL

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold in Commercial Buildings - Chicago Heights, IL Mold on Ceilings due to high humidity

Concern about indoor exposure to mold has been increasing as the public becomes aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions. This document presents guidelines for the remediation/cleanup of mold and moisture problems in schools and commercial buildings; these guidelines include measures designed to protect the health of building occupants and remediators. It has been designed primarily for:



    • Building managers


    • Custodians


    • Others who are responsible for commercial building and school maintenance



It should serve as a reference for potential mold and moisture remediators. Using this document, individuals with little or no experience with mold remediation should be able to make a reasonable judgment as to whether the situation can be handled in-house. It will help those in charge of maintenance to evaluate an in-house remediation plan or a remediation plan submitted by an outside contractor1. Contractors and other professionals who respond to mold and moisture situations in commercial buildings and schools may also want to refer to these guidelines.


Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation. When excessive moisture accumulates in buildings or on building materials, mold growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed. It is impossible to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment. However, mold growth can be controlled indoors by controlling moisture indoors.



Molds reproduce by making spores that usually cannot be seen without magnification. Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot indoors, they may begin growing and digesting whatever they are growing on in order to survive. Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on.


Many types of molds exist. All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds can produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in people allergic to mold. Others are known to produce potent toxins and/or irritants. Potential health concerns are an important reason to prevent mold growth and to remediate/clean up any existing indoor mold growth.


Since mold requires water to grow, it is important to prevent moisture problems in buildings. Moisture problems can have many causes, including uncontrolled humidity. Some moisture problems in buildings have been linked to changes in building construction practices during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Some of these changes have resulted in buildings that are tightly sealed, but may lack adequate ventilation, potentially leading to moisture buildup. Building materials, such as drywall, may not allow moisture to escape easily. Moisture problems may include:



    • Roof leaks


    • Landscaping or gutters that direct water into or under the building


    • Unvented combustion appliances


    • Delayed maintenance or insufficient maintenance are also associated with moisture problems in schools and large buildings



Moisture problems in portable classrooms and other temporary structures have frequently been associated with mold problems. 


When mold growth occurs in buildings, adverse health problems may be reported by some building occupants, particularly those with allergies or respiratory problems. Remediators should avoid exposing themselves and others to mold-laden dusts as they conduct their cleanup activities. Caution should be used to prevent mold and mold spores from being dispersed throughout the air where they can be inhaled by building occupants.


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As a trusted partner with local School Districts, SERVPRO of Chicago Heights- Crete - Beecher is always ready for whatever happens.


3/28/2017 (Permalink)

Community MOVING DAY!!! The unpacking begins in the new offices in Manteno, IL.

March 24th was moving day for SERVPRO of Chicago Heights-Crete-Beecher.  The new warehouse in Manteno, IL will enable us to respond faster and work harder for any size disaster, from general cleaning of carpets/tiles/upholstery to fire/water/storm damages for residential and commercial buildings.

Even As Flood Waters Recede, Flood Damage Can Continue To Rise In Chicago Heights

3/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Even As Flood Waters Recede, Flood Damage Can Continue To Rise In Chicago Heights Flood damage can cause damage to a home's structure, including the foundation or basement walls.

Flood Damage

Flooding causes problems wherever it happens. Some of these problems are not visible to the naked eye. You might be able to smell the microbial deposits left behind, and this should be a warning that even floods that barely cover your floor can pose risks long after they are gone.

In Chicago Heights, flood damage can cause damage to a home's structure, including the foundation or basement walls. The higher flooding becomes, the more damage there can be to walls, furniture, and staircases. Microbial activity, however, can occur in areas well above the flood line. Because humidity levels greatly increase indoors when flooding exists, it becomes much more likely that microbes such as mold and bacteria might be inhaled by those present in the home. Also, these microbes are also more easily deposited in locations that might have otherwise remained uncontaminated.

Mold is not the only microbe that can grow in your home. Bacteria can also do the same thing. Similarly to mold, some types of bacteria are more toxic than others. Because of the possible risks from both types of microbes, it is always best to remove any materials in flood-damaged homes and replace them with new materials. Areas that are not damaged by flood water, but rather instead by moisture that contains possible pathogens can be dried and then protected with antimicrobial agents. SERVPRO professionals receive training from the IICRC in such matters. We understand that thoroughness when completing each job is crucial for protecting our customers' homes and their families.

To ensure that humidity levels are reduced to normal after a flood, we implement equipment hat not only eliminates a significant portion of the microbes present, but we also restore the house and its contents to a normal level of humidity. Moisture levels that are within normal ranges are not conducive to microbial growth. Heaters, air movers, open windows and doors, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers help us accomplish this. When musty odors remain, we have the options of deodorizing with scented liquids placed in different sites in your home or using an ozone machine. Ozone bonds with particles in the air, making them inert. Ozone is what makes the air so fresh-smelling after a rain shower, and it can do the same thing in your home.

We at SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher care about your home and your family. After flood damage, call us at (708) 672-0077. We can restore your home, so it is “Like it never even happened.”

Water Removal in Glenwood, Lynwood & Park Forest

3/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal in Glenwood, Lynwood & Park Forest SERVPRO Restores Water Damaged Homes

SERVPRO Is the Company to Call for Water Damage Restoration

There is never a right time for water damage to happen in your home. Water is the single most destructive substance for the environment inside your home. Flooding or excess moisture can make structures and your personal property deteriorate rapidly. The problem gets more severe when the water has become unsanitary, or services for clean-up are delayed.
The harmful effects of water in your home are reduced dramatically by fast and efficient intervention, especially when it is done in 24 to 48 hours. Water removal in Glenwood can be done even when the damage looks severe, and cleanup and restoration from an experienced company such as SERVPRO can produce amazing results. From furniture to family heirlooms, we have restored water-damaged structures and properties successfully for many years.
Water Damage Cleanup and Repair
The process of water damage restoration in Lynwood is quite scientific. To figure out if your property can be restored or if anything needs replacing, our technicians at SERVPRO evaluate three criteria:
• How much damage there is to your property
• The degree of contamination
Replacement costs versus the restoration costs
If the damage is not dealt with properly, water damage causes major interruption to your life, financial burdens and potential risks to the health of you and your family.
Stop Mold Before It Starts
Water extraction in Park Forest has to happen fast because additional water damage can occur in hours, not days or weeks. Mold growth is a possible problem. To stop mold before it starts growing in your home, you need the fast services of SERVPRO. Even though very dangerous molds do not occur every day, any mold has the potential to create health problems, and the correct removal is crucial. From initial air quality testing and identification of mold to safe methods of removal, we ensure your property is quickly and professionally repaired. We take the time to check for any hidden mold with our special equipment.
You can feel secure that we handle the water damage clean up thoroughly and promptly. We understand how important this is to prevent further harm, and also walk with you through all the steps until we are sure you fully understand our processes.
SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher is ready to help you out whenever you need. We can be easily reached when you dial (708) 672-0077, so do not hesitate when your home has suffered from water damage of any kind.
Village information on Glenwood, Lynwood & Park Forest
Village of Glenwood, IL -
Village of Lynwood, IL -
Village of Park Forest, IL -

Protecting Against Mold Damage In Peotone

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Protecting Against Mold Damage In Peotone Peotone Mold Remediation by SERVPRO

In Peotone, SERVPRO Remediates Damage from Mold

Mold contamination presents a variety of challenges. To understand why it helps to become familiar with some basic information about mold and its behavior.

If you think that mold damage is developing in your Peotone area home, you need access to accurate information from a quality restoration company that wants to help you become more informed and able to care for your property correctly.
At SERVPRO, we know mold and mold remediation and are happy to provide you with the answers you need. To learn more about what mold is, we need to understand that there are several different species of mold, all of which may be hazardous if the right conditions exist.
Mold spores float unseen through the air, attaching itself to moisture sources that exist in your home. Under the right conditions, these spores can form colonies and begin contaminating your home with 24 to 48-hours of initial contact.
However, why does it grow in your home? Unfortunately, most man-made structures offer the ideal conditions for mold growth to occur. Molds flourish in temperatures ranging from 59 to 95 degrees, and if moisture is present, often thrive on materials most commonly found in your home including, wood, paper, drywall, food, paint, fabrics, insulation, and even dust.
SERVPRO technicians have seen mold growth start in areas due to many different water damage situations including, flooding, leaky roofs, windows, and even plumbing malfunctions. When in fact, excessive humidity is often enough moisture for mold to grow.
Mold is a living organism that extracts nutrients from the material is grows on to survive even the harshest environments. Given enough time, mold can weaken the structure of your home and endanger the health of your family. You may think that mold dies during winter months where the weather drops below acceptable levels. However, it is possible for mold to remain dormant, waiting for the right conditions to exist before growing again.
While it is possible to control mold growth found in your home by taking reasonable precautions, the mold may never get entirely removed from your home. SERVPRO technicians can help you learn how to avoid mold issues by controlling the moisture sources found in your home and by taking the correct measures when accidents happen.
Our mold remediation process uses a variety of techniques and special equipment to identify obvious and hidden areas affected by mold growth and the water sources feeding them. We isolate the affected area, repair damaged water sources, remove invested materials, and use industrial air scrubbers to clean and sanitize, along with fogging equipment to remove unpleasant odors and deodorize the entire area.
If you see or even suspect mold growth in your home, contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights - Crete - Beecher immediately for help. (708) 672-0077

SERVPRO involvement on a Countywide Commercial scale

2/14/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO involvement on a Countywide Commercial scale Greg Stewart & Bill Wilczynski participated in the February Economic Alliance.

Involvement by SERVPRO at all levels in the community can not be understated. One of these levels is at the city and county economic level. Every town and city has a vested interest in trying to help their local business survive and thrive, providing much needed jobs to the members of their communities and also providing economic stimulus and tax revenue generation. 

These needs get interrupted when disaster strikes a business and it is vital to get their operations back up and running,  as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened." This is where the relationships you form with SERVPRO prior to the disaster striking are so important. Does your business already have a SERVPRO Representative (SMR) assigned to you? If not, complete a internet search for your local SERVPRO franchise and ask for one to be assigned to you. This SMR will go through the process of educating your business about all that they can do in advance of the coming disaster, to help you prepare so that when it happens, it is not as costly to you in downtime and lost production.       

There are many different ways to get involved with your community business members. Recently two of our SMR's (Greg Stewart & Bill Wilczynski) attended the Kankakee County Economic Alliance meeting that was hosted at Olivet Nazarene University. Local and County business members and community leaders participated, where current happenings and futures plans were discussed. Building relationships at this level is key for when large events happen at this level, those leaders run in small circles and great relationships are needed here, so those business leaders can get their business's back up and running and restore their communities to like it was before the disaster.... "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage Remediation and Testing Required In Your Monee Area Home

2/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation and Testing Required In Your Monee Area Home SERVPRO Remediates Mold Problems in Monee

SERVPRO Advice: Skip the Mold Test, Call Us for Inspection and Possible Remediation

You locate a section of mold developing in your home and wonder what you should do about your situation. Some friends tell you that you need to identify the type of mold you have and others tell you that you can eliminate the problem yourself.
When you are facing the task of performing mold remediation and testing in your Monee area home, consider this. Most homeowners do not have the proper experience or expertise to give you advice. You should make it a point to contact someone that you trust for assistance with something you are unfamiliar with handling yourself.
There are a variety of remediation companies in existence today, like SERVPRO, which have the ability to help you through the situation you face in your home. However, not all of them can provide you with the services you need to correct the problem. What you want is access to a company that is upfront with you and only offers services that fit your unique situation.
For instance, a company like SERVPRO would tell you that since you have already discovered mold in your home that testing is neither needed nor necessary. We already know that mold exists and any mold existing in your home environment may cause health effects to develop that are hazardous. So, instead of wasting your time and effort testing, you want to perform the professional mold remediation services to get things under control.
At this point, testing to discover the type of mold invading your home is rather pointless. Purchasing a home mold testing kit, only presents you with results from a testing facility that you simply cannot understand and wastes more of your hard earned income. However, if you already see contamination in one area of your home, you should consider that other sections may be infected as well.
The expertly trained technicians at SERVPRO can help you locate other areas in your home affected by mold and assist you with obtaining the services you need to return your home environment to a quality pre-mold damage condition that is safe and healthy for your family to live in safely.
Contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights - Crete - Beecher today for additional information about mold growth in your home or to receive the professional services you deserve. (708) 672-0077

Flood Damage Affecting Homes in Glenwood

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Affecting Homes in Glenwood Let SERVPRO'S experts help after a flood in you home.

Finding knee-high water throughout your home after a water pipe burst is frustrating enough, the last thing you want is to struggle with locating a quality restoration company to assist you with repairs.
We have a solution to the flood damage affecting your Glenwood home. With several years of experience, expertise, and equipment to meet any of your needs, we provide you with unique solutions to just about any problem. Our water removal and cleanup process, for instance, gives you the peace of mind you deserve after a flood.
While every flood damage incident that SERVPRO responds to is a little different, our overall restoration process remains the same. We take the general information that you provide about your situation during your initial call and determine the proper amount of equipment, and personnel to assign to perform your repairs correctly.
When SERVPRO technicians arrive at your property, we perform a full damage assessment, determine how far moisture has been able to travel and make recommendations about which services will provide you with the best results. Based off of our initial inspection, your particular situation may require a variety of different services, or you may request additional services to address a personal concern.
Regardless, we always use the proper water removal and extraction equipment to remove as much standing water as possible, as fast as possible. We want to get started immediately to prevent secondary damage and mold growth from developing. The longer you leave the area unattended, the likelier it is to cause more issues.
SERVPRO drying technicians who specialize in removing water from hard to access areas, use moisture detectors and other devices to monitor the temperature and relative humidity of the affected areas, while determining the exact number of air movers and dehumidifiers that are necessary to dry your home properly.
Our cleaning and sanitation technicians handle the restoration of any contents affected by the event, with success in removing various odors and deodorizing many personal belongings you may have thought lost forever. You should avoid disposing of any contents until a professional restoration technician has had the opportunity to inspect each item.
We finalize the entire restoration process by putting finishing touches on any necessary repairs, including drywall and carpet replacement while working hard to help you return your home to a quality pre-flood damage condition that you can enjoy.
Contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights - Crete - Beecher for a quality scientific approach to restoring your property after a flood damage incident strikes. (708) 672-0077