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Fire Restoration in Crete

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Garage with fire damage "Like it never even happened," only happens when you call SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher is a leader in fire restoration in the Crete area.  Our technicians will walk you through the process of restoring your home from the moment the fireman put out the fire.  The first step in any fire is to secure the property from any further damage.  Our 24 hour board up team will quickly respond to your property to secure all access points to prevent theft, and further damage from both the elements and animals.  Once your home is secured our team will begin the process of packing out your home.  It is important to have a quality team to take pictures and document all belongings that have been affected by the fire.  Our fire team is trained to carefully sift though your belongings and determine what will be able to salvaged and what considered unsalvageable.  Items that can be salvaged are carefully packed up and brought back to our secure warehouse where they are processed, cleaned and stored until you move back into your home.  Meanwhile, our demo team will work hard to remove all debris and affected building materials from your home in preparation of our construction team coming in to rebuild.

Choosing SERVPRO for your restoration needs means that you are going to deal with one company from beginning to end of the process.  We strive to give each client the highest level of service and restore your home to "Like it never even happened."  For more information on our restoration services call our office at 708-672-0077.

Storm Damage in the Chicagoland area.

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

tree that has fallen on the roof of a home causing damage. Storm damage in the Chicagoland area is common...Call SERVPRO for help!

The Chicagoland area gets hit by many different types of storms throughout the year.  From winter storms and blizzards to tornadoes and microbursts, homes in the Chicagoland area have to stand up to all that mother nature throws at them.  When mother nature wins and your home sustains damage due to a storm event SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher is at the ready to serve you.  Our teams are continually monitoring weather activity and planning in advance of major storms.  With on-call teams that are available to serve you 24 hours a day, when you call us we are ready to help you!  Most storm damage is caused from either power failures and sump pump failure or trees falling into homes.  When you call we will quickly dispatch the right team to help with the damage to your home.  We will work hand in hand with your insurance company to restore your home as quickly as we can.

For more extensive damage our construction team may also be called in to make repairs to your home as well. For more information on our storm damage services please call our office 24 hours a day at 708-672-0077.

Preparing for Winter Storms

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck and cartoon figures with the words "24 hour emergency service" We are here 24/7 to help in the case of any emergency.

November is here and that means winter is right around the corner for those of us in the Midwest.  At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher we are no stranger to the havoc that a winter storm can cause.

Typically when we think of storms we think of tornadoes and major thunderstorms that cause damage, but a winter storm can cause massive damage as well.  During a winter storm snow mixed with rain and dropping temperatures is all it takes to cause heavy ice to form.  When this happens, we see damage to homes in many different ways.

Power lines are especially susceptible to damage  from heavy ice forming on the lines themselves or on nearby trees.  When the power goes out your homes sump pump may start to back up or you may experience low temperatures causing pipes to break.  Another form of damage we see is from the ice on the roads making it hard for vehicles to stop and unfortunately running into homes.   Finally, with the falling temps we often see fires that are started from the use of a space heater or other heating device.  

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher we can help if you experience an emergency.  For the fastest service call our office at 708-672-0077.

Protect Your Home Before Winter Storms Start

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Sticky note on a cork board with the words "Clean your furnace filter" Furnace fires are a common occurrence during the winter months.

Winter is here, and you're about to begin feeling the effects. Most homeowners simply don't prepare for winter, and it costs them when the cold weather finally arrives. There are many easy ways for you to prepare your furnace for winter, waiting until the last minute because you'd rather do something else with your time will leave you ill-prepared. With just a few hours of your day, you'll have your family comfortably enjoying the cozy winter weather together in the safety of your home. If you put it off or simply didn't have the time to get to it this year, we can help you prepare your furnace before you need it, give us a call today.
Our expertly trained staff in the Chicago Heights - Crete - Beecher area specializes in furnace malfunctions during winter related weather conditions. We can serve your needs quickly with our 24-hour response service, making sure that you and your family are safe and warm during the winter season.
SERVPRO technicians recommend replacing your furnace's air filter every month. It is easy to locate, all you need to do is remove the old filter and slide in a new one. Make sure that you follow the arrows on the frame to install it correctly. You might also consider upgrading to a pleated HEPA filter or an electrostatic filter to help increase your furnace's energy efficiency along with improved air quality.
You would benefit from hiring a professional company like SERVPRO to inspect and clean the air vents and ducting of your ventilation system to remove dust and other obstructions that prevent proper ventilation. We can check the furnace blower belts for cracks and ensure that your thermostat is working properly to maintain the proper temperature even while you are asleep or away from home. It is important to maintain in the cold season a constant 30 to 60-degree temperature in your home, even when you're not there. Maintaining the proper temperature helps to avoid freezing pipes or other hazards from forming during cold weather conditions.
The technicians at SERVPRO can also inspect your furnace's exhaust flue to determine whether it is performing properly, removing any branches or nests erected by animals during the summer and make sure that all of your air vents are working correctly and producing the proper air flow and quality.  Furnace Blow Back can create a messy sooty problem within your home. A lack of maintenance, dirty filters, normal wear and tear, pilot control issues, and malfunctioning thermostats can all be taken care of by the services that we provide.
Contact our offices at SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher today. (708) 672-0077

Emergency Board Up

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Board up truck in front of commercial building Our Board up team is always ready to help!

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher is a 24/7 business helping homeowners and business owners with emergencies including board up.  When a fire resulted in many broken windows and doors at this apartment building, our team was called in to help.

Our board up team strives to have a quick response time, knowing that after a fire, it is very important to secure the building as fast as we can.

Many people wonder why a building must be boarded up after a fire.  The reasons are mostly safety.  Most municipalities will require that a building be secured to avoid squatting, looting, and vandalism.  Additionally, after a fire, buildings are unstable and dangerous so keeping the public out is very important.

As an added part of our board up service, our technicians will also winterize a building as the tempatures start to drop to avoid further damage to the property such as pipe brakes.

At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher we do our best to mitigate future issues on a property after an emergency.  For more information please reach out to our 24/7 office line at 708-672-0077.

We Take Pride in Restoring Your Belongings

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Crew member hard-cleaning soot off of shoes Our technicians are always happy to help!

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher is a full service restoration company.  We not only restore your home but also your belongings.  After a fire, much of a home will be covered in soot and hold the smoke odor.  Our fire restoration team has many different processes at their disposal to restore your belongings to pre loss condition.  

Our technicians take their time to often hand clean items, removing soot and preparing the items for deodorization.  On any given day, these technicians many clean hundreds for personal belongs and yet still they have a smile as they do it.  Our crew knows that while to us we are restoring a pair of shoes, to a home owner we are often restoring their sense of normal and their lives.  

A fire is devastating,  being able to return clean clothing, family photos, beloved heirlooms can help heal a family and start the process of rebuilding lives.

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher truly cares about our community and each client becomes part of our family, if you have suffered a fire loss please call us for help today at 708-672-0077.

Esporta Gives The Highest Level of Clean

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Technician cleaning our Esporta Cleaning System Even our Esporta Cleaning System needs gets cleaned to provide the highest level of clean to our clients.

At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher it is of the greatest importance that we clean textiles and soft contents to the highest level of clean.  For that reason we chose to take the extra step and install an Esporta machine in our warehouse's cleaning station.

Esporta is a name that is often heard about in the sporting world.   The Esporta cleaning machine is designed specifically to clean soft contents and textiles.  At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/Crete/Beecher we use this machine to clean items that have been affected by sewer water damages as well as, heavy smoke and soot.  Additionally, the Esporta can be used in  trauma or biohazard clean up, as well as routine cleaning of sporting gear. 

 The Esporta is a valuable part of our cleaning process and allows us to take items that may under other circumstances be considered a loss and restore them to a pre loss condition.

For more information about our Esporta Machine and the cleaning capabilities of our team please give our office a call today at 708-672-0077.

SERVPRO Services for Fire Victims

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians cleaning fire damages cabinet With many years of experience we can restore you belongings after a fire.

In addition to our fire damage repair and restoration services, SERVPRO also offers a number of accompanying services to help get your home, belongings, and family in order as soon as possible following a fire. Our technicians are trained not only to repair your home, but also to help and work with you, and as such, they can directly take on a number of services or negotiate with licensed contractors for further help.

Inventory Management
With advanced software and tracking technology, our professionals can help to take inventory of everything in your home following fire damage in Crete, room-by-room and with your guidance. Not only does this help you to better understand what was and was not lost in the fire, but it also helps when negotiating with insurance providers, so that they can compare inventories and know what was lost in the fire.

Moving Services
Our technicians will help to move out furniture, equipment, and anything you may need if you need to leave the home while it is being restored. This goes hand-in-hand with our inventory services, and one will typically accompany the other. As always, we do everything under your watch and guidance, so that there are no misunderstandings or issues that arise.

Electronics and Artwork Cleaning
Electronics and artwork, if not initially destroyed in the fire, can still take on severe damage even after the dust has settled through staining and corrosion. Depending on the damage, a SERVPRO professional may be able to restore it manually, or we can employ a licensed and trained contractor or specialist to handle the items. These professionals understand the delicate tasks associated with the repair of these items and are the best individuals available to handle these restorations.
At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/ Crete/ Beecher, we train each and every one of our technicians to always work closely with the homeowner and to provide services to help you to get through your crisis. If you require our cleanup and restoration services, just give us a call 24/7 at (708) 672-0077.

Responding to Disasters

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Home and car underwater after Hurricane Destructive flood waters due to hurricane Laura.

Locally, SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/ Crete/ Beecher is part of the SERVPRO Disaster Team Nichols. What exactly does that mean? Disaster Team Nichols is proud to be specially trained to respond to large disasters across the country when we are called on. When hurricane Laura hit in late August of 2020, our team was already on site ready and able to help. When a disaster strikes, our team begins the process of loading up vehicles to travel to the area that they are needed most bringing generators and specialized drying equipment to begin the process of restoring communities. Our crews can deploy to the hardest hit areas for weeks or even months, leaving their families and friends behind to help those who need us most.

Why do we do what we do? If you ask any of our technicians why they work for SERVPRO the answer is always the same, we love to help people. At SERVPRO of Chicago Heights/ Crete/ Beecher we are dedicated to serving communities, whether that is here in our home territory or across the country during a disaster.

The facts about fires in your Steger home

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Dinning room table damaged by fire SERVPRO technicians are trained to see through the damage to determine what can be salvaged from a fire.

Fire damage in your Steger home can be a difficult situation to tackle. Fires can ravage not only you economically, but also destroy or severely damage, objects, and things of significant sentimental value. It can be tempting to attempt restoration and repair procedures yourself, in order to preserve what is left, but doing so can be a dangerous task. Fires can severely damage structures themselves, and fill the air with toxins ranging from smoke residue to burnt chemicals. Strict safety measures must be observed, and although they can be difficult to follow for the average person, SERVPRO is able to incorporate and work with these precautions.

Typically, trained and experienced eyes can also help to salvage more from a fire, even though you're most familiar with its contents and losses. SERVPRO has been handling fire damage in Steger for years and will be able to give more accurate advice about the cleanup process. Additionally, complex safety checks such as chemical and structural hazard checks are performed by SERVPRO, and we will be able to adapt to complex situations and problems as needed. Typically, a residential or commercial fire will involve multiple situations.

Fire damage restoration companies, like SERVPRO, are also able to work with homeowners' insurance providers and perform repairs in accordance with insurance contracts. When significant repairs are conducted by an untrained individual or group, regardless of whether or not they are the owners, many insurance policies are rendered null. So, hiring a fire damage restoration service may also be the best decision from a financial standpoint as well. However, any insurance provider should be contacted and informed before hiring any company for cleanup, as their policies and specifications will typically vary significantly depending on the company and plan.

If you've had significant fire damage recently to your home or business, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077.