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Winning Strategies for Removing Water From Chicago Heights Homes

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in flood damaged room When water damage happens, SERVPRO was ready to restore the damage. Call us today!

Flood Water Removal and Damage Cleanup in Chicago Heights Home 

Of all the types of home disasters property owners get exposed to, the need for flood water removal and damage cleanup is one of the highest level emergencies. When this type of water event occurs, more than just water gets deposited in the home. 

When SERVPRO handles flood water removal and damage mitigation in Chicago Heights homes, the first thing the techs do is work to save as much of the structure and contents as possible. These actions involve: 

  • Testing water remaining
  • Scoping the property for paths of water migration
  • Determining the best equipment to use
  • Removing undamaged items off-site
  • Finding specific items requested by the homeowner in the loss area 

Why is Floodwater Worse Than a Pipe Break?

While a hot water tank failure or supply line burst has the potential to send copious amounts of water within the home, it holds a rating as clean water that poses no threat to people or pets. Flood water picks up dirt, mud, debris, chemicals, and sometimes sewage and it all lands in the home. Before testing by the SERVPRO techs, there is no way to know how harmful the water is. 

Why Does Sheetrock Get Cut Away From the Bottom Up

This frequently seen action is a practice known as "flood cuts." When sheetrock comes into contact with water, it wicks it quickly into its core and travels upward. The SERVPRO technicians measure above the highest mark the water has gone and cut several inches above it. This controlled demo technique removes the unrestorable portion of the wall and opens up the wall cavity for complete drying.  

Safety During Mitigation

Homeowners usually get advised to stay out of flood loss areas of the home, even if they do not come into contact with the water, there is a still a danger of aspirating airborne particulate that contains harmful pathogens or bacteria. The techs wear rated personal protection gear along with respiration equipment to ensure safety for all during water removal and restoration services. 

When the need for expedited flood water removal and damage cleanup happens, contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077. The skilled technicians are on-call 24/7 to make the loss to your home, "Like it never even happened." 

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SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Nichols

2/16/2020 (Permalink)

Green commercial drying equipment in front of a single story brick school Disaster Recovery Team Nichols drying out school following a frozen sprinkler head

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights Crete Beecher’s Disaster Recovery Team is dedicated to helping customers who have experienced a wide range of residential and commercial structure damage. We respond to damaged caused by fire, water, tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood damage. Much like our local production teams, the commercial team is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, always prepared for the unpredictable. Our commercial priority responders are well trained and can mobilize to any job in the United States when called upon. Currently we are completing a job in Florida for a commercial client with restaurants located across the country. Simultaneously, we’re completing projects in our local community.

According to the SERVPRO corporate website, "The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration. Our elite large-loss specialists are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle any size disaster." We are proud to participate on this team! Not only is Team Nichols a Large Loss Response Team (LLRT), we are also a commercial mentor for our franchise partners in the region.

Our commercial and residential teams are also proud to participate on a Storm Team. To do so, a franchise has to be in compliance of all corporate Storm Team requirements and then accept the invitation when a storm event requires our services. When a loss occurs, whether it is a hurricane, flood, or tornado, we send the very best from our local teams to help clients from across the country.

At SERVPRO, the difference is our ability to dispatch trained production professionals and cut costs through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor. We are proud to be a part of this team and help our community during the most devastating times.

Commercial Flood Damage In Your Chicago Heights Property

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

restored bookstore We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Commercial Flood Damage Experts In Chicago Heights Discuss Problems With Pipe Freezes

During this time of year in Chicago Heights, outdoor temperatures can fluctuate from day to day. One day the sun could come out, and the temperature could be in the 50's or 60's. Then, the next day a storm can roll in that drops the temperature to below the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures drop drastically at night, it could cause it to become cold inside parts of your book store.

Sometimes, retail buildings have areas that are not insulated as well, and the temperature inside that region can also drop below freezing. During some commercial flood damage projects in Chicago Heights, our SERVPRO team discovers that the cause is a pipe freezing. When it gets cold inside your book store building, it is possible that the water running in your plumbing system can freeze. When water freezes, it expands inside your pipes, which can cause the metal piping to burst. Since the H2O is frozen, it might not leak right away, but once the weather warms up in the morning, the ice can melt and cause moisture to enter your building.

Once liquid H2O starts flowing out of a broken pipe, it can pour into your structure and cause several problems with your store's products and structural components. Especially since your business sells books, moisture can ruin your products that are made of paper. In some situations, our SERVPRO technicians can save wet items by drying them out if we start the process promptly.

Even a small amount of moisture entering your structure can cause the humidity levels to rise inside your store. Water vapor can then cause damage to the books sitting on your shelves if the humidity level does not get dropped to normal quickly. When attempting to restore your wet contents and building materials, our SERVPRO crew can set up air movers and dehumidifiers as a part of the applied structural drying or ASD phase.

If several of your books got wet, we could set up extra dehumidifiers to pull moisture out of the air and other porous items such as your products. During severe situations, we can move all of your products out of your store and dry out your structural components and contents separately.

If you ever notice elevated humidity levels inside your place of business after a pipe freezes, call SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077 24/7. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why SERVPRO is the Best Choice for Water Damaged Chicago Height Healthcare Facilities

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Outside of hospital building When your healthcare facility experiences a water loss event, call SERVPRO. We are trained and always on call.

Highest Sanitization Standards Met After Water Damage to Chicago Heights Rehabilitation Center 

When a malfunctioning sprinkler system suddenly floods spaces inside a residential and healthcare facility in Chicago Heights, a fast and expert response is the only solution. The specialized skills and professional-grade equipment our highly-qualified team brings to any emergency are top-notch. Expectations for cleanup of water and other losses in a healthcare facility are understandably high. We are up to the challenge. 

Timely Response with Minimal Disruption 

The stress on the staff and residents if patients to accommodate water damage restoration in a Chicago Heights rehabilitation facility is considerable. The efforts of our team to remove water and dry out the facility with as little disruption as possible are a matter of training, skill, proper equipment, and professional pride. Our focus is to devise ways to extract the water swiftly and thoroughly while allowing most if not all residents to remain safe in their familiar rooms and common areas. 

Containment Considerations 

Because of the susceptibility of the residents to airborne contaminants, SERVPRO makes sure to wrap work areas in 6-mil polyethylene. Negative pressure air scrubbing equipment forces the atmosphere inside the sealed work chambers through HEPA filters, removing any dust and contaminants in the water vapor. Sealed work areas are essential as it is impossible to operate the equipment and clean the surfaces without stirring up residues, which can include mold spores and possibly opportunistic pathogens. 

Sanitation Standards 

Trust the SERVPRO team to be aware of and capable of meeting the sanitation standards required by local licensing authorities. We are trained in the appropriate use of EPA-registered disinfectants and commit to a close working relationship with facility housekeeping staff to ensure the result goes beyond thoroughly dried structural components. If required, we pledge to achieve a “hospital clean” standard, higher than that of typical mitigation and remediation.  

Commercial Experience 

SERVPRO has familiarity responding to disasters in a range of commercial settings. Our team is one of a nationwide network of restoration specialists with training and experience in working with water loss scenarios in: 

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • Hospice Facilities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings 

Contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher if you require professional water damage restoration assistance in a healthcare facility. Call us at (708) 672-0077 round the clock to see how we can help. 

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Using Industrial Equipment for Commercial Water Removal in Massive Structures around Chicago

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of a business. SERVPRO has what it takes to complete your Chicago water restoration.

Chicago we have what your business needs to get back on track after water damage.

Our restoration services have a reputation for bringing expertise to both private residences and massive commercial structures. Substantial flooding across a wide area requires industrial equipment to control, mitigate, and restore. As the property manager of a mall, there are several challenging scenarios to overcome. Temporary closure for multiple stores can seriously affect business relations. From a practical standpoint, restoring properties with high ceilings and hundreds of cubic feet is suitable only for the industrial restoration tools and experts to operate them. 

Our service has access to national resources allowing us to provide commercial water removal to Chicago's most prominent businesses. We can mobilize quickly with a team of expert water restoration technicians (WRT) led by an exceptional crew chief. Having experience of water incidents in large venues is essential to understand which equipment to use. Our knowledge and professional know-how allow SERVPRO to get the job completed on-time and on-budget. We have a proven track record in working with state buildings, commercial warehouses and big retailers. 

Residential water restoration equipment may include devices like air movers or desiccant dehumidifiers and portable heaters. However, many of these equipment is too small to have an impact on a larger commercial property. There are ways SERVPRO can mitigate these issues, such as by establishing drying tents to create lower, concentrated drying zones. The most effective measure, though, is to use equipment that is designed for spaces like your mall. 

Controlling temperature and humidity is essential to the restoration of commercial spaces, just like it is to residential areas. For commercial operations, SERVPRO can mobilize direct expansion units (DX) to control humidity and temperature. Industrial units can weigh upwards of 50 tonnes. Where power issues may be a concern, we can use power distribution boxes to convert electrical supply into those needed for each machine. 

When industrial equipment is the only response, contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077.

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Storms and Flooding Affecting Your Chicago Heights Home? Contact SERVPRO to Mitigate the Damages

1/11/2020 (Permalink)

floodwaters, muddy, items floating in a commercial building entrance When Floodwaters Infiltrate Your Chicago Heights Home--Don't Wait-- Call SERVPRO for Swift Extraction and Mitigation

Chicago Heights Residents Use Professional Flood Damage Recovery to Overcome Emergencies Rapidly

Flood Damage Chicago
When floodwaters get inside your property, they quickly migrate from the point of entry into further recesses of the home. Stemming the tide can be one of the most effective emergency mitigation tasks a homeowner can perform. Blocking water at doorways by closing and sealing doors can be useful. However, rising water levels can create slip & trip hazards so, if you do decide to take action, be extra careful of floating debris as well as wires or furniture.

Many victims of flood damage in Chicago Heights seek out professional services to remedy the issues. Moisture is affected by temperature as well as air flow, which can see the relative humidity in your home quickly rise to worrisome levels. When humidity reaches above 60 grains per pound (GPP), the likelihood of mold growth increases significantly. One useful method to use in the immediate aftermath is to open windows to replace the humid air with dry outdoor air. SERVPRO technicians also advise using box fans to encourage ventilation in a flooded property further. However, the caveat is that the exterior temperature should be greater and the humidity less, to effectively displace interior damp air.

Managing the various exchanges of temperature, air, or odor is part of water recovery. Moist air typical slows the drying process because it is saturated at a certain point. Equally, the temperature rises to the upper regions of a space, which can make it challenging to dry floors or carpets adequately. One method SERVPRO uses to increase drying efficiency is to create smaller drying zones. Place polyethylene sheeting on some regions of the level, then using wet sandbags or other weights to seal and hold them in place to create a drying tent. Ducting an air mover or fan inside the drying tent can increase drying efficiency by raising surface temperatures.

The above maneuvers to mitigate flooding sound above your pay grade scale? It probably does, so contact SERVPRO to lessen your stress and the damage to your property.

Ultimately, there are myriad practices that apply to a flood situation. These can vary greatly depending on the size, structure, and severity of the water incident. Most require professional equipment that SERVPRO can provide within four hours of notification of loss. Residents of Chicago often choose to use professional services because of their knowledge, professionalism, and equipment, which help to ensure full recovery is complete as soon as possible.

Overcoming flooding can be a time-consuming and challenging procedure. Contact SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077.

Flood Damage Restoration In Your Chicago Heights Home

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

flood damaged home Call SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077 to help deal manage any incident, “Like it never even happened.”

A Fully Prepared SERVPRO Team Handles Flood Damage Restoration in Chicago Heights Easily

Various flood-proofing steps like having an elevated landscape and swales redirecting water from the property did not save a Chicago Heights home from flooding, when driving rain during a storm, pushed some water into the living room and garage. Luckily, the owner informed SERVPRO immediately, and our crews swung into action promptly.

After scoping the flood damage at the Chicago Heights home, our crew was elated to find that there was no contaminated groundwater inside the house. Thorough extraction and drying could, therefore, help restore the home to its preloss state. Despite the initial good news, the site presented other challenges that could delay the removal process leading to complicated secondary issues.

Downed power lines from the storm meant no power at the property. Without power, running vital equipment such as pumps, water extractors, and dehumidifiers is a challenge. Our SERVPRO teams anticipate such issues and have alternative power sources to perform the job. Using truck-mounted water extractors that run on power drawn from the engines of the production vehicles, we could start the extraction immediately. We also have backup generators to supply power to other equipment. Lack of power also meant no heat in the house, which could jeopardize the drying process, but using portable heaters and expertly exhausting warm air from dehumidifiers back into the wet areas solved that problem.

Some aspects of the loss did require the human touch to resolve. For example, no automation could help in sorting out wet, messy materials stored in the garage area, yet the homeowner wanted them salvaged. Our SERVPRO technicians understand the need to preserve items with sentimental value, so we were delighted to help. Separating items made of different materials helped minimize cross-contamination, while specialized techniques such as freeze-drying helped save some books and other paper materials. Certainly, we could not save everything, but we were happy to meet the expectations of the homeowner.

Flooding can surprise you in terms of timing, intensity, or many other factors. Call SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher at (708) 672-0077 to help deal manage any incident, “Like it never even happened.”

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What Deodorization Equipment is Necessary to Remove Smoke Damage From Chicago Apartments

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke, even from neighboring units, can cause damage to your apartment. Let the professionals at SERVPRO handle your fire damage restoration.

Deodorization Equipment for Smoke-Damaged Chicago Apartments 

We strive to provide the most efficient path to recovery of your Chicago apartment after a fire loss incident. Because many of these apartment units are limited in square footage, even smaller fires can have disastrous and catastrophic results for the property owner. Odors are among the toughest obstacles to overcome, as so many materials and areas can become affected by these conditions. Choosing the best approach for odor removal does not always mean selecting one of the many premier deodorizing machines that we have available to our SERVPRO professionals. 

When beginning fire odor removal in Chicago apartments, our crew chief and production manager must assess the full scope of the damage and determine the best approach to limit the strength and severity of noxious scents. Many practices can help later official deodorization efforts to be more productive. Beginning with these preliminary tactics can maximize the use of our potent deodorizing agents and the equipment that disperses these products. Before we choose among the available odor removal equipment in the apartment, we can start by:  

  • Removing charred remnants and ash from floors and surfaces
  • Using content management to remove ruined items from the apartment
  • Cleaning exposed surfaces that are not too severely damaged to protect 

Once these steps have taken place, the present odor is more manageable for the equipment our SERVPRO team uses. Because of the limited space in an apartment, our technicians can rely on fogging equipment that can move to the specific points that suffer from the most potent smoke odor concentrations. Thermal foggers can rapidly heat deodorizing agents to a vapor. This vapor can penetrate porous materials like drywall, carpeting, and particleboard cabinets to neutralize trapped smoke molecules.  

As challenging as removing odors can be after a fire loss incident, our SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher team can help through nearly every phase of this process. We have qualified fire restoration specialists that can oversee the removal of lingering odors during restoration and make these losses “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (708) 672-0077.  

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SERVPRO First Responder Bowl Contest

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO supports local first responders Fire Fighter Challenge

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights-Crete-Beecher is a proud supporter of our local first responders. Firefighters, police, EMTs and radio dispatchers sacrifice plenty to serve their communities. We are having a contest where local citizens can nominate a local hero before kick off of the SERVPRO First Responders Bowl. At half time, a random winner will be chosen from the nominees and they'll win a tail gate party for their office or station. No purchase is necessary.

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Our Water Damage Experts Discuss Options For Saturated Drywall In Your Chicago Apartment

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

water incident in home Give our rapid response crew a call today at (708) 672-0077.

Options for Saturated Drywall in Chicago Studio Apartments

Drywall is a staple of modern construction and the fastest method for constructing walls against the framework for Chicago apartments. These materials, however accessible they might be, are also among the most susceptible to water losses and saturation. Without immediate action from qualified and trained professionals like our SERVPRO team, exposure of water to the drywall areas of your home can have even costlier effects.

Knowing how to either protect all of your drywall, or the currently unaffected parts, is a vital element to water removal in Chicago apartments. Studio apartments specifically can allow for water losses to spread throughout your entire unit with little to stop the flow but the walls and flooring. Prolonged exposure can also threaten adjoining apartments, encouraging a prompt acquisition of professional restorers like our team. There are options to protect your drywall and other damaged surfaces beginning as soon as our professionals arrive.

It is possible to protect the installed drywall, even if moderately saturated with clean water, but this process must happen quickly. In as little as 24 hours, water pulled into the porous wallboard begins to alter the composition of the material, warping and distorting it. Once any swelling has begun, drying techniques like air movers, dehumidifiers, and direct heating are ineffective for these portions of the material.

Controlled demolition is an effective strategy to ensure the continuity of restoration practices without delays. We have an on-board team of contractors capable of handling focused demolition so that walls above flood cuts and removed carpeting or hardwood flooring can also get replaced when necessary. Removing damaged portions of drywall allow for a faster drying process and reduce total build back times when in the later phases of recovery.

Studio apartments can become a challenging residence when contending with a water loss incident. With the speed that conditions can spread through the open floor plan and other potential units that can become affected as well, you need qualified professionals like our SERVPRO of Chicago Heights / Crete / Beecher team. Give our rapid response crew a call today at (708) 672-0077.

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