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50 Ways To Practice Fire Safety

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

50 Ways To Practice Fire Safety

SERVPRO of Chicago Heights - Crete- Beecher would like to share with you these 50 Ways To Practice Fire Safety 

50 Ways To Practice Fire Safety

  • Stay away from things that can burn you
  • Never play with matches or lighters
  • Ask your parents to install a smoke detector on every floor of your home
  • Learn the sound of smoke detectors
  • Help your parents test detectors monthly
  • Remind them to replace smoke detector batteries every six months
  • Check your home for fire hazards
  • Keep flammable materials away from heat sources
  • Check for frayed or worn electrical cords
  • Don’t overload extension cords or electrical outlets
  • Check that small appliances are unplugged after use
  • Put sturdy screens in front of fireplaces
  • Keep an eye on food while it’s cooking
  • Tell adults to turn pot handles inward when they cook
  • Keep towels and other clutter away from the stovetop
  • Use a microwave only when an adult is present
  • Never put anything metal in a microwave
  • Read directions on food packages before using the microwave
  • Never use water to put out an electrical or grease fire
  • Run cold water over a burn
  • Post emergency numbers by every phone
  • Tell your parents to keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen, garage and fireplace
  • Ask them to keep fire extinguishers fully charged
  • Remind your parents to remove dead trees and leaves from your yard
  • Tell them to build campfires away from trees
  • Post your home address clearly on your house or mailbox
  • Keep all exits clear
  • Close your bedroom door at night
  • Make a family fire escape plan
  • Learn at least two ways out of each room
  • Choose a family meeting place in case of fire
  • Learn how to report a fire
  • Practice your escape plan with your family at least twice a year
  • Don’t fear firefighters in gear
  • If you hear a smoke alarm or smell smoke, get outside quickly
  • Don’t stop to take anything
  • If there’s smoke, crawl low under it
  • Test doors with the back of your hand before opening them
  • If a door feels hot, use another exit
  • Crawl backwards down stairs if there’s smoke
  • Get out through a window only if it’s safe
  • If a window is unsafe to climb out of, wave something light-colored and yell for help
  • Never use an elevator in a fire - look for stairs
  • Don’t go back inside for any reason
  • If your clothes catch on fire, STOP, DROP AND ROLL
  • Once you are outside, stay out
  • Go to your family meeting place and wait for your family
  • Call the fire department when you are safely outside
  • Never call in a false alarm

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